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Are the eyes made of glass or acrylic?

The eyes are made from acrylic modified polyester resins. If you have ever worked with acrylic eyes, our eyes will look and feel familiar. Our own patented technology gives our eyes extreme hardness, chemical stability, and heat resistance.

The iris and pupil are digitally printed, which allows us to create very detailed images. The image is refracted by the strong lens in a special way, creating the unique "tracking" effect.

Are the eyes safe for babies and young children?

As with all safety eyes, we do not recommend using our products on items that will be used by children aged 3 and under. For these groups, it's best to embroider the eyes.

How do I attach the eyes?

Our eyes come with two attachment options. By default, they have a ribbed plastic stem (for use with plastic washers). For round toy eyes, we also offer a wire loop for sewing on. For those eyes, you can choose the attachment type when ordering. If you prefer, you can easily snap off the stem or loop.

Can I wash, dry-clean or bake items that have your eyes?

Yes, items with our eyes can be washed, dry-cleaned, treated with most organic solvents, and baked at up to 130 degrees Celcius (about 260 degrees Fahrenheit) for 30 minutes.

If you need to clean the eye, use a soft cloth or a wooden stick. Do not scrape the eyes with metal tools.

Can you make custom eyes?

In most cases, we can. There is a 15 EUR charge for the first pair of custom eyes. Further pairs of the same eye can be ordered at regular prices. To order custom eyes, email us at and send us high-resolution pictures describing what you need.

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How do I make an order?

To place an order, just browse our catalog or use the search box on the main toolbar. When you’ve found an eye you like, select the size and other options (if any) and click Add to Cart.

Please note that eyes, eyelids and washers are sold per pair while noses are sold per item.

When you’re done adding products, click the cart icon on the main toolbar and then click View Cart. Review your selection, make any necessary changes, and click Proceed to Checkout.

If it's your first order with us, the system will ask you to sign in or register on our website. Don't worry, registration will take just a few seconds but it will let you accumulate reward points and save on your future orders. You can also register in just one click by signing in via Facebook or Google.

Then, enter your shipping address, select a shipping method and a payment method. You will be transferred to our payment provider's secure server where you can make your payment.

How do I change or cancel my order?

If you want to change or cancel your order before it is shipped, please email us immediately at

Do you accept international orders?

Absolutely! We ship to other countries every day and we have customer in over 30 countries around the globe. Wherever you are, most likely we can ship there.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes. We accept all major credit cards via our payment processing partner, Webpay. Your credit card details are transferred over secure networks. We never see your credit card information.

Do you accept Paypal?

Unfortunately, we don't. Paypal is not available to businesses here in Belarus.

Is my credit card information safe with you?

Yes! We use a third-party payment processor, Webpay, which is a PCI DSS certified company (click to verify) (click to learn more about PCI DSS). We never ask for, see or store your credit card information.

Why doesn't my payment go through?

Please make sure you enter your credit card details correctly and your credit card has sufficient balance to cover the payment. In some cases, your bank or our payment processor's bank may refuse the transaction for internal reasons that are beyond our control. These cases, however, are rare.

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When will my order ship?

We try to keep popular sizes and models in stock. If all products in your order are in stock, we will ship them within 3 business days. However, some items are made to order. If that's the case with you, we will ship within 10 business days. In most cases it does not take that long. Most orders are shipped within a week.

Do you ship to my country?

We ship to nearly every country in the world. Wherever you are, chances are we can ship there. If you are still not sure, please contact us at

What shipping options to you offer?

We ship via registered airmail or EMS express mail. Both options include order tracking but EMS is a little faster and in some cases can be delivered to your door (this depends on the local EMS operator in your country).

How much is shipping to my country?

To keep things simple, we have the same shipping rates for all countries we ship to.

The easiest way to estimate shipping for your order is to click Cart -> View Cart and then click Shipping cost: CALCULATE at the bottom right corner of your cart. You will see the shipping cost calculation for your order.

Registered Airmail

For orders that weigh 100 grams or less, we offer a flat shipping rate of 5 EUR.

To give you an idea, 100 grams is about 200 pairs of 7 mm eyes, about 80 pairs of 10 mm eyes or about 18 pairs of 20 mm eyes.

For orders that weigh over 100 grams, the shipping rate is calculated as follows:

up to 100 g
100 to 1000 g Add 1 EUR per 50 g (100 g = 6 EUR, 150 g = 7 EUR etc.)
1000 to 2000 g Add 1 EUR per 100 g (1000 g = 24 EUR, 1100 g = 25 EUR etc.)
2000 to 5000 g Add 5 EUR per kilo (2000 g = 35 EUR, 3000 g = 40 EUR etc.)
5000 g to 20000 g 50 EUR

EMS Express Mail

EMS is a faster but more expensive alternative to registered airmail. The EMS shipping rate is calculated as follows:
up to 500 g
30 EUR
500 to 1000 g 36 EUR
1000 to 2000 g 50 EUR
2000 to 3000 g 65 EUR
3000 g to 4000 g 80 EUR
4000 g to 5000 g 90 EUR
over 5000 g 100 EUR

How to I track my order?

To track your order, click "Track Shipments" at the top of any page (or click here) and enter your tracking number or order number. You will find the tracking number in the shipping confirmation that is emailed to you as soon as your order is shipped. Alternatively, click Account - Orders and open an order from the list.

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Can I return or exchange an item?

We stand behind our products. If, for any reason, you are not fully satisfied with the eyes you received, you can return them within 14 days of receipt for a full refund or exchange. If the goods were damaged or if you got wrong products, we will also pay for return shipment.

For orders paid for by credit card, we can only make a refund to the card you used to make the payment.

What is the procedure for returns?

To return an order, follow these 4 simple steps:

Let us know
Email us at and include your full name, shipping address, order number and date, as well as the reason for the return or exchange. If you received damaged products, please also include a photo of the defect.
Pack the items
Pack the items you return the same way they were originally packed to avoid damaging them in the mail.
3 Mail the items to us using a trackable shipping method
Mail the items to us using a shipping method that allows parcel tracking. Make sure you keep the mailing receipt until you receive your refund or replacement. Use the following address to return the items:

Live Eyes PLC
Chapaeva 1 - 315
222520 Borisov
Phone: +375 29 305 7872

4 Send us the tracking number
After mailing the items, email us the tracking number at Make sure this step is completed within 14 days after you receive the items.

Period for returns

We will issue a refund only if you mail the products back to us and send us the tracking number within 14 days after your receipt of the items. The return is considered completed only after we receive and check the returned items.

Who pays for return shipping?

If you received damaged or wrong items, we will cover the return shipping cost. In all other cases, the return shipping is at the customer's expense.

When will I get my refund?

A refund is normally issued within 15 days after we receive the returned items. If you don't receive your refund withtin three weeks after we receive the returned items, please contact us at

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Do you have a customer reward program?

Yes! Our rewards program is simple and straightforward:

Earn 1 point for every 1 EUR you spend on our products

Just create an account and shop as usual. For each 1 EUR you spend, we will add 1 reward point to your balance.

Earn 20 points for each approved product review

Let us know what you think about the items you bought! Leave a review (add photos if you can) and get 20 points. We only accept reviews from customers who actually bought the particular item.

Earn 100 points when you share your referral link

Share your referral link (you can find it in your account details or by clicking here) on social networks, forums, etc. or just send it to your friends. If anyone makes an order after clicking your referral link, you will get 100 points and they will get 50 points! - Redeem Reward Points

Where can I see how many reward points I have?

Sign in to your account and then click Account - My points. You will see the complete history of your reward points.

How do I redeem my reward points?

Redeeming your reward points is simple. At checkout, you will see your order summary on the right sidebar.

Under Points to use, you will see how many points you have and how many can be used.

Enter a number into the field to redeem your points.

You can pay up to 100% of the order with your reward points.

Note 1

Please note that you need an account on our website to take part in the rewards system. But don't worry, creating an account is easy and free!

Note 2

Please note that points do not have cash value and cannot be exchanged for cash.


I have a question but it's not covered here. What do I do?

We're here to help! Just get in touch with our customer support at